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Name                              Size  Type
-------------------------------  ------ ----
Images & Movies                 145412K Fldr
Papers                            9922K Fldr
Read Me                             26K TEXT
Sessions                         34730K Fldr
The Hacks                       191408K Fldr

:Images & Movies:
Lynda Botez's video             113216K Fldr
Mighty Hackaz.jpg                  198K JPEG
Mike Cohen's slideshow           14676K Fldr
Scott Rasche's slideshow          2158K Fldr
Swoosh                   3384K MooV
Wolf's pics                      11772K Fldr

:Join us in 2003 for MacHack 18... June 19-21, 2003:

:Papers:Brockerhoff:Cocoa Plug-ins
:Papers:Downs:Recent Additions
:Papers:Horwat:Evolving JavaScript
:Papers:Juran:Generic Programming
:Papers:Kiss:Command Line Love
:Papers:Lo:Callbacks in AppleScript
:Papers:Russ & Neal:Disk Caching
:Papers:Waldemar:Evolving JavaScript

Albert                             654K Fldr
Cohen                               82K Fldr
Fraser                              78K Fldr
Graessley                           70K Fldr
Kalb                                46K Fldr
Murrett                          21938K Fldr
Parent                             392K Fldr
Ronen                             7004K Fldr
Schreiber                         2516K Fldr
Shayer                            1846K Fldr
Weiher                             104K Fldr

:The Hacks:
for descriptions, go here
01-Carol Goodell Hack 2002        5476K Fldr
02-DogcowMenu                      416K Fldr
03-BreakoutLevelEditor            1484K Fldr
04-RCX Remote Control             1752K Fldr
05-Claris Coaster                  610K Fldr
06-Ye Olde Movie                   670K Fldr
07-Lightnin'                       270K Fldr
08-Billy Carnage 1.0              4488K Fldr
09-IconHunter IV ƒ                  70K Fldr              1794K Fldr
11-MOOF through the ROOF          3714K Fldr
11.5-HandMatrix                    162K Fldr
12-APPLE VIDEO SAVER               864K Fldr
13-The Iron Hack                     0K Fldr
14-SleepItemsX                    2842K Fldr
15-Load Minimizer                 2068K Fldr
16-SlowDown                       1244K Fldr
17-ClassicEdge                     632K Fldr
18-OpenGirL                       1092K Fldr
19-3DogCow                         226K Fldr
20-Metadata                         82K Fldr
21-TuXin                         15688K Fldr
22-VideoFinder (not on CD)        4690K Fldr
23-lcdSTAT!                       1286K Fldr
24-Clarus all over               17212K Fldr
25-newstracker                     490K Fldr
26-AniMac                           10K Fldr
27-airmoof                         380K Fldr
28-airport extender blender          0K Fldr
29-FireStarter                     290K Fldr
30-nocat                           228K Fldr
31-ACursor                         384K Fldr
32-Airport Security 2002           688K Fldr
33-WatchCow                        370K Fldr
34-Little Brother                   68K Fldr
35-Utility Scoring Style (pres)      0K Fldr
36-Shard                          1798K Fldr
37-Depth Perception                720K Fldr
38-Dock Invaders                  4134K Fldr
39-iPod Video                     1136K Fldr
40-penguin gear (pres)             116K Fldr
41-Mike's Moof                    1928K Fldr
42-Xydra 0.1                      1722K Fldr
43-DockDockGoose                    30K Fldr
44-OldSchoolEdit                   286K Fldr
45-InformedChoiceChooserFacelft     26K Fldr
46-Dock&Roll                       740K Fldr
47-Mr Lo                         26546K Fldr
48-Alarm Clock                     414K Fldr
49-Project Mayhem                16468K Fldr
50a-HaikuReporter                 4402K Fldr
50b-iMenu                         4564K Fldr
51-JNib                           2092K Fldr
52-mosaiHack                       346K Fldr
53-Oh What A Hack                    0K Fldr
54-somersault                      114K Fldr
55-The Cat's Meow                   88K Fldr
56-iBacklight                      726K Fldr
57-VIMim                         30342K Fldr
58-Dude,You're Getting a DogCow   1492K Fldr
59-JITObjectiveC                 17590K Fldr
60-Mac Enforcer                      0K Fldr
61-LCD Degauss                     388K Fldr
62-iMovie Hack                       0K Fldr
63-Jini Network Technology        1458K Fldr