Hacker of Iron, MacHack 2002

This is a copy of this year's ballot. Voting happens during lunch on the same day as the Hack Show, and results get announced at that evening's banquet.

We had sixty-five hacks entered in this year's MacHax(tm) Best Hack Contest, an early-morning five hour show!

Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who entered for the fun, excitement, and hacks!

This year's theme ingredient was DogCow!

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16th Annual MacHax(tm) MacHack Best Hack Contest
The Ballot -- The Only Side
There is not a Back side (that would be over on the other side of this page if there were one).
Check up to five hacks.

Place Name Authors Short Description Yoot
Carol Goodell Hack 2002 Carol Goodell
DogcowMenu Dylan Matthews Sets a menu extra for dogcow stuff Yes
BreakoutLevelEditor Mike Neil iPod secret game editor
RCX Remote Control Ben Gotow Legos control your computer Yes
Claris Coaster Roger Whyatt & Robbie Rau lego roller coaster Yes
Ye Olde Movie David Ross film aging app Yes
Lightning Eli Lakritz desktop effects Yes
Billy Carnage 1.0 Robynne Cote & James Helton shoot bill gates Yes
IconHunter IV Micheael Meng & Sam Lundin a game to hunt down icons Yes
dukeshardware.com P.D. Magnus, Wolf Rentzsch machack legend on the web
MOOF through the POOF Matt Miechowski dogcow breakout Yes
Hand Matrix Ben Combee screen saver
Apple Video Saver Justin Bakse screen saver Yes
The Iron Hack Joshua Shaffer presentation Yes
SleepItemsX Brent Neal sleep items functionality
Load Minimizer Mac Murrett, Philippe Hausler shrinks screen
Slow Down Dave Baum slows down apps
Classic Edge Tony Francis, Matthew J. Morse kind of a game
OpenGirL John Vink, Richard Kiss spinning cube with texture
3DogCow Richard Kiss, John A Vink animation
Metadata Allon Stern finder utility
TuXin Andy Furnas, Noah Spies replacement login window Yes
Video Finder mark Johns quicktime/finder utility Yes
IcdSTAT! Michael Juarez LCD display Yes
Clarus All Over Douglas Clarke, Nigel Clarke, P.D. Magnus claris icons Yes
News Tracker Adam Atlas, new owner of the coveted Victor A-Trap Best Hack award news app Yes
AniMac Jorg A Brown, Jon Shafer, Sean Parent animated imac
airMoof Pete Parks chat program
Airport Extender Blender Troy Benjegerdes, Tom Zerucha airport utility
FireStarter Quinn
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video via firewire
nocat Paul Schreiber there is no cat
ACursor Drew Cunningham cursor accessory
Airport Security 2002 Jesse Boettcher security app Yes
WatchCow Scott C. Ziegler security system Yes
Little Brother Chris Page productivity app
Utility Scoring Style Andy Ihnatko presentation
Moof Relief: shards in quartz Philippe Hausler dynamically loads shards Yes
Depth Perception Lisa Lippincott x-ray vision controller
Dock Invaders Travis Hicks, Paul Scandariato game Yes
iPod Video Mitch Adler, Rob Tsuk video on your iPod
Penguin Gear Tyson Tate Yes
Mike’s Moof Michael Weiss, Jay D. Weiss clarus goes moof Yes
Xydra Chris Hanson remote display
Dock Dock Goose Avi Drissman dock animation
Old School Edit Josef Wankerl programming utility
Informed Choice: Retro Chooser Facelift Joshua Juran sharing
Dock & Roll Bertrand Landry-Hetu dock animation
Mr. Lo Martin Paquette, Eric Lessard lego AI
Alarm Clock Will Pazner alarm clock Yes
Project Mayhem Hollin Wilkins, Jonathan Hirschberger scripting utility Yes
haiku Reporter Greg Parker system modification
imenu Greg Parker gui hack
JNib Eric Albert programming utility
mosaiHack Dante Carrer, Daniel Fox mosaic Yes
Oh What A Hack Daniel Fox, Dante Carrer movie Yes
Somersault Matt Slot, Ed Wynne dock animation
The Cat’s Meow Simon Fraser speech interface
ibacklight Jim Wintermyre itunes plugin
VIMim Nicholas Riley, Robert Chin programming tool Yes
Dude You’re Getting a Dogcow! Josh de Cesare, Louis Gerbarg digital pet
JIT Objective-C Erik M Buck
Mac Enforcer Peter Sichel network utility
lcd Degauss Geoff Adams degauss your LCD
iMovie Hack Lynda Botez machack video
Jini Network Technology on Mac OS X B. Scott Andersen

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