"Sleep-deprived...overcaffeinated...greatly insane!"

July 25, 2002 – Each year for the past 16 years, some of the brightest, wackiest bulbs in the Macintosh programming community gather at MacHack to conjure up bizarreness from their Macs. Why? For the pure pleasure of making an iMac move like Luxo Jr., making a screen catch fire, and watching Clarus eating out of the trash can.

Oh, no, you missed it?!? The very best of the MacHax(tm) Best Hack Contest on CD is here! (and doesn't require the traditional midnight-to-five-thirty Twinkie-ducking marathon, either).

Available now for only $19.95 + shipping (marketing!)

Follow the above link to order this year's CD with all the hacks, read about this year's contest, see the ballot, and see who took home the coveted Victor A-Traps (yes, there were two triumphant hacks this year!).

The CD also contains this year's papers and materials from a number of the sessions (useful!)

What's the MacHax Best Hack Contest you ask? Every year hundreds of the most delightfully-twisted Mac programmers gather in Michigan (of all places). They overcaffeinate...deprive themselves of sleep...and what happens? That's right, the same thing that's been happening for sixteen years. Authors of your favorite Mac products take a break from the constant deadline pressure of writing and shipping code to, instead, write hacks around the clock to make the deadline a mere 48 hours later. The clock strikes midnight, and, well, buy the CD and you'll get a taste!

Now, we must warn you. The hacks on this CD may be appropriate only for the brave or foolhardy. Here to sound the alarm bell is none other than the annual ringleader, Scott Boyd, co-founder of The MacHax(tm) Group and the MacHax Best Hack Contest:

WARNING: MacHack and The MacHax Group assume no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the CD-ROM (none!), nor what happens to any machine on which any hacks are installed. Hacks are NOT warranted in any way, and crashes, data loss, and other unpleasant side effects may very well result from their use. Some individual authors may support their hacks, though they are under absolutely no obligation to do so. The hacks are raw code written for the Hack Show and therefore cannot be guaranteed to function for any particular purpose on any particular machine. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the consequences of installing and/or using the hacks, including any havoc, data loss or civil unrest that may occur.

You know, if you show up next year, not only can you go home with a copy of the hacks, you can sit side by side with the best and work on hacks together. You might even be one of the few extremely-tired-but-proud owners of the Victor A-Trap Best Hack Award. It's never too early to sign up. Just follow the MacHack link on the order page:


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